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Dr. Lisa Miller is featured on CNN Belief blog

View of Lakshman Jula area from the bridge in the morning in Rishikesh.

The World is shifting! It’s apparent in the number of people opening up and searching¬†for ways to find meaning in their lives. Some are developing personal spiritual practices, some are looking for gurus, and some are taking inspiring pilgrimages to faraway places. One thing is for certain – more and more people are feeling the need to connect with something bigger.

CNN writer Jessica Ravitz went on a journalism fellowship to India to write about religion and spirituality, but came back with a new perspective on life itself. She recently published an article on CNN’s Belief Blog where she discusses the impact of her journey. Our own Dr. Lisa Miller, the director of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, is featured in the article as well!
Read the article here. 

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