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SMBI Opens Leo Wellness Center


The Spirituality Mind Body Institute is excited to announce the opening of LEO (Learning, Evolving, Opening) in February 2015. LEO is the foremost Ivy League spiritually integrated wellness center for graduate training. Our innovative offerings are grounded in the science of spiritual life– promoting inner work for outer change.

LEO offers a developmental space within the multiple disciplines of Teachers College, Columbia University. Our work makes spiritually integrated work accessible and establishes vibrant spiritual communities that nurture the individual to serve the higher good.

LEO offers weekly groups, periodic guest workshops and spiritually oriented special events. Weekly groups are designed to support wellness through engagement in diverse modalities, to include yoga and meditation lead by Teachers College graduate students, with supervision offered by leading spiritually oriented teachers and healers. In addition to the student lead and supervised groups through SMBI, fellow members of the Teachers College community, staff, students and faculty, may collaborate in community lead practices throughout the week. We are a place of teaching and learning for the participant as well as the emerging practitioner.
We welcome Teachers College students, staff and faculty to join us on this inspiring and unprecedented adventure.

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