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The Spiritual Child Conference Breaks New Ground in Education

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On November 9, the Spirituality Mind Body Institute hosted the first ever Spiritual Child: Education Practice and Youth Development national conference. Educators and activists from over 150 institutions from the United States and abroad gathered for this landmark event, sharing insights and new directions for spirituality in education.

The keynote speakers were Seth Andrew, Ed.M., Senior Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer of the United States, U.S. White House, and Founder of the Democracy Prep Charter School, and Lisa Miller, Ph.D.,  Professor of the Clinical Psychology at Teachers College as well as Director of Spirituality and Mind-Body Institute.. Other speakers included Reverend Stefanie Taylor, Chaplain of the St. Martin Episcopal School in Atlanta, GA; Rabbi Shaul Praver of Newton, MA; and schools heads and leading educators from across the country to include  Hopkins School in New Haven, CT; Waterford School in Salt Lake City, UT; Westminster School in Simsbury, CT; St. Martin Episcopal in Atlanta, GA and Presbyterian School in Houston, TX, and Foote School in New Haven, CT, Annie Wright School in Tacoma, WA, Porter Gaud in Charleston, SC.

The conference also launched the National Conference for Spirituality in Education (NCSE), a new organization dedicated to the support of spirituality in youth as the bedrock for character development, thriving and health. The NCSE is dedicated to exploring new ways in which the science behind spirituality can lead to innovations in education.

To read more about the conference, click here.



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