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What Is Emotional Well-Being

What Is Emotional Well-Being
by Patricia R. Blumhagen

I feel that the hallmark for enhancing emotional well-being emerges whenever, I express my feelings in a positive way, and come to understand the why for their need to be, I learn new ways to validate myself and stop denying those parts of me that need expression, and show compassion and kindness to those wounded parts of myself that have been buried for years.

On the other hand, when I become overwrought or reactive instead of interactive then I am in a state of emotional imbalance. Here is the opportunity to go within to understand the “why” and “to feel” where in my body the sensation is buried. This action demands letting go of my needs and expectations. When I name the emotion, it loses power.

This is the medicine for healing the emotional pain. Only when confronting my emotions of fear, loss, anger, frustration, separation, not being wanted, blame, shame, not being capable, rejection, and not worthy will I experience a sense of emotional freedom and come to offer compassion to those wounded parts of myself.

There was a time when someone would ask, ”how are you feeling, Patricia?” I wanted to smack them, because I was not in touch with my true feelings. I had not developed, nor did I know how to recognized the feelings that were buried inside.

It took many hours and even years of confronting the emotional pain. Feelings of frustration, anger, blame, inability, rejection, not being worthy, rejection, loss and victimization, just, to name a few were preventing me from living a more satisfying life. This unhealthy expression of emotional well being offered intense emotional pain and separated me from my wonder. The spiritual journey became the way for me to free myself.

When I began to realize that I had an unhealthy relationship with my feelings, I stopped blaming and judging others and myself. As I continued, to explore my inner world of emotions I became aware that these patterns of conditioned responses were learned from family, education, religion and society. More, I was taught to stuff my feelings, and it was not nice to become angry. Here I began to sense compassion for those buried emotions and explore ways to release them from their chains.

This learned emotional behavior created a victim consciousness that had to be unlearned. Journeying within offered the insights to set me free from the emotional pain. For me, correcting this process required many hours of inner work, and dealing with my feelings of fear, rejection, blame, unworthiness, just to name a few, was a tearing of all I had known.

Since, it was difficult for me to feel and name the emotions that was trapping me, I had to find a tool to guide me into this unfamiliar terrain. Writing psychology poetry became the map to touch the feelings and give them a name – the words set me free.

Next, after naming them I worked on feeling in my body where they were. I found them hiding in my throat, stomach and spin chakra. I learned that these areas are energy vortexes that connect with my physical body. It was essential to open up these pathways to bring forth a healthier me.

It was hard to pull off the cover and espouse them, but if I was to grow in wholeness I had no choice. It does no good to be the victim of ones own emotional/psychological traps. Being human carries many lessons to grow into our Divine Selves.

Here are guidelines for enhancing your emotional well-being:

© Offer kindness and compassion to yourself.

© Find ways to love and respect YOU.

© Feel your emotional pain and describe it.

© Take time to write, dance or draw your emotions

© Say what you feel.

© Be real with who you are.

© Gently dismiss forever the lies you have been told.

© Follow your heart.

© Believe in yourself.

© Be content in this moment and fortify your strengths and accept your limitations.
To your emotional well-being,


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