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Awakened Campus Summit
Spirituality and Mental Health in College Students

Join us Friday, April 1st, 2022, for the full-day Awakened Campus Summit: Spirituality and Mental Health for College Students hosted by the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University.

This landmark convening will address our national epidemic of despair in young adults, including depression, suicidality and addiction, and our concomitant opportunity to foster wellness, through campus-based support for student spiritual development, growth and renewal. 

Human spirituality exists within and outside of religious tradition; many people of religious faith identify as being intensely spiritual, and, many people consider themselves to be very spiritual but not religious. For a summary of related research, you might refer to The Awakened Brain; The New Science of Spiritualty and Our Quest for an Inspired Life (Miller, 2021) or The Spiritual Child (Miller, 2015). 

Two decades of science reveals that spirituality is foundational to emerging adult whole-person development. Accordingly, a contemporary research-driven, mental health and wellness system must offer the option of support for spiritual growth.

Research shows that late adolescents and emerging adults experience a “biological clock” igniting a surge to quest for life’s greatest truths. This hard-wired existential and spiritual emergence often brings emotional struggle and even developmental depression, evermore accentuated now, in a time of broad societal upheaval.

Campus-based professionals are reporting a surge in spiritual seeking and an increase in requests by students for support to explore existential questions. Awakened Campus Summit seeks to honor this moment by offering a platform for professionals to share ways to engage suffering as an invitation for spiritual growth in college students. 

Presentations based upon science, practice or a novel approach to university leadership are welcomed. The Summit offers a cross-roads for sharing among our national community of professionals, dedicated to improving the lives of college students. As such, we welcome diversity of thought, vision, culture, geography and personhood. 


Summit Details


The summit will convene 9am-6pm April 1, 2022 online. Attendance is free of charge, thanks to a generous foundation grant to the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University. Most symposia and workshops will be delivered online.  Under current health policy, we may be able to create an option for a handful of presenters to deliver talks or workshops in-person at the University, while being live streamed (please indicate if you have a willingness to travel to New York). Proposals are due December 1st, 2021.

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Summit Features


Summit attendees will have the opportunity to remotely attend symposia and workshops. Online events will address the latest research and novel methods of implementation around spiritual support for wellness and mental health in college students. 

  • Scientific presentations on the mental health crisis on United States college campuses and/or intervention data on attempts at new solutions involving spirituality, spiritual growth and spiritual awareness. Delivered by scientists.
  • What does current research suggest for new spiritually supportive programs, and systems for Spiritually Integrated Wellness and Prevention? Delivered by practitioners, administrators or scientists.
  • How is spirituality, mental health and wellness integrated on campus? Delivered by administrators, practitioners or scientists.
  • Presentation of existing and proposed models of spiritual-mind-body wellness, prevention and treatment. Delivered by practitioners or administrators.


Proposals will be reviewed for relevance to the mission of the Summit.  We encourage a broad range of perspectives, both from within and outside of religious traditions. 

The Summit does not propose a singular answer to the National Crisis on Campus, but offers a catalytic hub for the exchange of ideas, innovation and practice. The Summit honors the experience of leaders, case studies and wisdom of immersed practitioners, as well as scientific systematic inquiry, perhaps using data collected  students on campus. 


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Attendance is free of charge, thanks to a generous foundation grant to the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University the host of the event.


Call for Proposals


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