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Our Previous Virtual Workshops 

Each semester, students in the Spiritual Wellness Practicum at SMBI offer a range of spiritually-oriented and scientifically-informed wellness workshops and other content. These are free of charge and created in line with SMBI’s mission of promoting inner work for outer change. Some of our previous offerings are below.  

Spring 2021


Meditation & Yoga Series

Mindfulness practice can be folded into everything and anything that you do. This  3-week medication course teaches you the fundamentals of Vipassana, insight meditation, to tap into the present and improve your focus, awareness and serenity.  We will work on experiencing directly, rather than cognitively through a curriculum, meditation log and group meditations and discussions.

Offered by: Rebecca Rothman


Asian Solidarity: Healing Through Meditation & Creativity

If you’re searching for a sense of inner peace due to recent racial injustices, microaggressions or everyday stress… look no further! Meera and Jessica invite you to ease into a state of meditation using creativity and playfulness! 

Yes, meditation can be playful and creative! Together, we will explore music, dance, storytelling and writing to facilitate a mind-body-emotional alignment. You will learn to alchemize negative emotions into positive vibes, all while remaining centered and peaceful amidst chaos. 

Meera and Jessica will bring together their Asian roots and Western training, honoring the transformative power of cultural lineages and traditions behind these mind-body-spirit practices. A safe space will be created for you to authentically share stories of immigration, your hopes and dreams, and anything else your heart desires in the moment. We invite you to take up some well-deserved space by embracing and celebrating your identity, Asian or otherwise, with joy, gratitude and resilience! 

Offered by: Jessica Kay Lee and Sadikchhya (Meera) Khanal


Connecting Back to Love, Body, & Beauty

The current social media climate and beauty industry can reinforce feelings of self-doubt and perpetuate the message that beauty equals conformity. In this workshop series, participants will cultivate greater self-acceptance, self-compassion, and decrease self-criticism through a variety of contemplative practices. By the end of this series, participants will have tools to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin and embrace their inherent and authentic beauty. The series will include journaling, mindfulness meditation and self-care facial techniques that will leave you glowing from the inside out!
Offered by: Kelly Ewen


Mindfulness & the Moon: Tools for Finding Inner Peace During Times of Stress

Are you feeling stressed or ungrounded? Join us as we explore how mindfulness, self-inquiry and the symbolism of the moon can help you tap into your inner resources and feel calmer, more resilient and grounded. In this six-week workshop, you’ll learn how reflective practices combined with the symbolism of the Moon can help you connect with your center and develop a closer relationship with your innate strengths. This workshop is open to anyone who is seeking greater calm and is open to learning about mindfulness and astrology.

Offered by: Megan Sims and Clara Schroeder


Interludes of Joy

On the margins of the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women, and in honor of the International Day of Happiness, join us for a global, yet intimate and sacred celebration of womxn of color to honor the joy within through dialogue, meditation, contemplation, and stillness.

Offered by: Imani Joye Samuels


5 Day Energy Refresh

What: Wellness program to reduce anxiety. Programming draws from reiki, mindfulness, and psychology. 15 minutes per day for 5 days. 
Who: TC community womxn - students, staff, administrators.
How: Use password columbia for free access

Interludes of Joy Workshop

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