Welcome to Spirituality Mind Body Graduate Studies!

The Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI) at Teachers College, Columbia University explores the intersection of science and spirituality through the framework of psychology, creating a new archetype for learning and teaching. The institute fosters true self-exploration, within a rigorous academic context, in order to build an international community of inspiring thought leaders, mind-body healers, spiritual activists and visionaries. The institute is pioneering the emerging field of universal spirituality through transformative inner work for outer change.

SMBI is committed to developing evidence-based science that examines the effects of spirituality across the lifespan, including spirituality as a protective factor against mental illness, a source of resilience in cultivating relationships and as a gateway to personal fulfillment.

The Spirituality Mind Body Institute serves as a bridge between science, academia and the diverse worldwide community to address the needs of a rapidly changing world, with a cutting-edge, global spiritual platform that brings together world-renowned scientists, educators, healers and spiritual leaders to inspire conversations that foster social connectedness and constructive resolutions to contribute to the higher good of the whole.

For further inquiries about our institute, please join us in one of our frequent virtual information sessions. These webinars are each one hour long and highlight the overall mission of SMB Graduate Studies, information regarding the courses, and the application process. 

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